The Laff Box—99% Invisible 🔗

This changed my entire opinion of laugh tracks. They were made a single person playing what amounts to a laugh organ. It’s like a laugh design.

Lawmakers must condemn Nazism and Holocaust denial, top House Republican says—WaPo 🔗

Doesn’t anyone remember Indiana Jones? The Nazis are the bad guys!

Now it makes news when Republicans admit that.

Today Broke Dan Savage 🔗

…and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and…

Maybe There Is A Reason For Appalachia To Fear Disapearing 🔗

Why I Will Always Write About Appalachia—Literary Hub

My hometown of Haldeman, Kentucky has vanished—literally removed from maps—its mines nothing but empty holes in the ground. The railroad tracks have been stripped from the earth and the gravel sold. The stores are gone. My school is closed. The government shut down the post office and rescinded the ZIP code.

Blizzard Play of the Game patent sub—Rock, Paper, Shotgun 🔗

Overwatch‘s post-match Play of the Game replays—snapshots of a particular player’s greatest moment of triumph, shared for all to see—are a brilliant little bit of design.

Ummm, haven’t replays existed for decades?

Targeted: A Family and the Quest to Stop the Next School Shooter— 🔗

The school and police pushed an autistic teen, Sanders, into extreme depression. So extreme he developed physical symptoms like unending nose bleeds. Prevented him from engaging in theatre, his most passionate subject at school.

Why? A librarian overheard another student saying that Sanders’s nickname was “Shooter”. Which other kids called him to make fun of him. Then, instead of speaking to that student—who liked Sanders and thought he wasn’t dangerous at all—reported the nickname to the school administration and police. Who then started a months long nightmare.

If you’re going to risk ruining a kids life, maybe do a little more research first?

h/t Allison Hantschel who points out these procedures are insanely more expensive than reforming gun laws. All that money could go into teaching students, not traumatizing them.

Republican tax law hits churches—POLITICO 🔗

Republicans have quietly imposed a new tax on churches, synagogues and other nonprofits, a little-noticed and surprising change that could cost some groups tens of thousands of dollars.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

h/t Kevin Drum

Blackface Character Axed From Colombian Sitcom After Social Media Backlash 🔗

Took until 2015. I can’t even.

Warning: Photo of actor in blackface from 3 years ago.

Has Trump finally gone too far?—The Washington Post 🔗

Who the fuck came up with this headline?

Both Sides Do It, The Unshakeable Script 🔗

Here is a comprehensive list of Republican senators who support the bill (to end the policy of placing children in concentration camps):

In case the quotation is unclear, that’s zero Republican Senators.

The airline industry is sticking… 🔗

For now, I use a modified version of the Turing test called the “Oh shit” test. When something out of the ordinary happens in a low-fidelity sim, pilots usually laugh. When it happens in a Level D simulator, pilots invariably yell “Oh shit!

Fuck the New York Times—Part n+1 🔗

driftglass: Why Does The New York Times Keep Handing Columns To Conservative Nitwits: S.E. Cupp Edition

Except there is one, little problem: Ms. Mauer is not, in fact, a persuadable swing voter who might be susceptible to the charms of the Democratic party if only Democrats weren’t such condescending coastal elite Hollywood Kenyan abortion-on-demand, flag-hating social justice warriors.

Bet you can’t guess why!

Quick Bucks on The Right Wing Martyr Machine 🔗


As a teacher, literally nothing could be less important than what the students prefer to be called. Steve. Mary. Cipher. Iron Man. Ming the Merciless. Question Q. Mysterio. My Little Pony. Like, there is no conceivable reality in which what a student asks me to call them (whether it is a proper name or some infantile nickname) matters. We just work together. I am paid to do a job, and that makes some things about the students my problem – whether they do the assigned work, behaviors they may engage in during our brief time together in class that violate school policy, assigning them a grade, and that’s pretty much it.

"Because your deeds are evil." 🔗

‘This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate …’

If you buy any of that, at all — if you think Sessions or Sanders is making anything even remotely like a credible argument about what “the Bible” has to say about Trump’s policies on refugees, asylum-seekers, immigrants, aliens, and strangers — then you’re wrong. You’ve gone wrong. You’re doing wrong, becoming wrong, being wrong.
Because your deeds are evil.

The Republican Party Has Embraced Evil 🔗

Trump cites as a negotiating tool his policy of separating immigrant children from their parents—The Washington Post

Some Republican immigration hard-liners, however, continue to hold out, saying they will not support any path to citizenship and do not support any accommodations to keep families together. “I don’t see a reason to spend the money doing that,” Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said in an interview Friday. “And I don’t see how you do that without having a suite for every self-described family unit.” (Emphasis added)

Abusing children is evil. Abusing children to score a political win is soulless.


I don’t know if I’m ready for the world’s first interactive centerpiece and smart salt dispenser to enhance my dining experience.

h/t Do By Friday

Who could jump higher on a trampoline, LeBron James or Simone Biles? 🔗

The only real way to settle this is clear: let’s get James and Biles together at a trampoline park and have them go at it.

I’d pay hard, cold cash to see this in person!

A good Twitter thread by Jen Simmons on Apple’s WWDC depiction of “Developers”. 🔗