The Startup That Wants to Sell You a Subscription to Miami Beach Tap Water Explains Itself | Henry Graber, Slate 🔗

Nothing like “…purified, chilled, great-tasting water product…”

Against The White Canon At The Gardner, Helga Davis Reclaims Narratives | Ariana Lee, wbur 🔗

If you’re in Boston, go see something in this series. Helga is brilliant!

A rare example of elite accountability. | Zack Beauchamp, Vox 🔗

“Mr. Abrams, in 1991 you pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from Congress regarding the Iran-Contra affair, for which you were later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush,” [Rep] Omar begins.

Young Tech Workers Organizing 🔗

…attendees stand together, fists raised, to take a photo in solidarity with the Los Angeles Unified School District teacher’s strike.

I’m still waiting for someone to start organizing an actual union for developers.

Ezra Klein Talks With Peter Beinart 🎙

Lots about how Israeli apartheid is driving my generation and younger American Jews to be anti-Israel, because of Jewish beliefs. Doesn’t go far enough—we ought to be anti-Zionist—and it isn’t happening fast enough. But here’s hoping that the liberal values of non-Orthodox Jews can change the orientation of our country.

The Zionists don’t really consider us completely Jewish anyway. They are not on the side of those of us who believe we are American.

It Isn’t Really Monday Until The Subway Is On Fire—Ben Yakas | Gothamist 🔗

So is this a sign New Yorkers are just cool customers or that we have Stockholm Syndrome and very low expectations of the MTA?

The Dems Should Get a Good Deal on Infrastructure 🔗

That means massive investments in clean energy generation and transmission, municipal broadband, a serious revival of airline competition, and competitive grants to states for carbon-cutting transportation programs.

Good news for small “d” democracy. 🔗

With Amendment 4’s win on Tuesday, that will now change — and more than 1 million people will get back the right to vote.

I don’t know if I’d call it a ‘Blow Out’, but Drum makes a good point. 🔗

Democrats flipped dozens of congressional seats and took control of the House despite running against a terrific economy.

Federal Judge Allows North Dakota Republicans to Block Native Americans From Voting | Mark Joseph Stern, Slate. 🔗

This law makes it straight up illegal for some people to vote. Not hard, not convoluted. Illegal.

Kroger Grocery Store Shooting That Left 2 Dead Now Being Investigated as Possible Hate Crime | Dylan Lovan, AP 🔗

I have no words.

A man carrying a concealed weapon who happened to be in the parking lot challenged Bush, and police say the suspect then “began firing wildly” at him, putting other shoppers in the parking lot in danger.

An arrest citation said Bush’s parents were punched and choked, and they told police they were “terrified of (his) unpredictable behavior.”

Bush’s ex-wife told authorities in a domestic violence petition in 2009 that Bush was “diagnosed paranoid” in 2003 but had stopped taking his medication.

“I am afraid for me and my son. I want him to stay away,” she wrote in the court document.

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes: 2022 | Chris Ladd 🔗

Maintain the contacts you established in this cycle and prepare to build on them. Consider how you can do more in the next election. Start preparing mentally for a process that will not end on Election Day.

South Carolina Is Lobbying to Allow Discrimination Against Jewish Parents | Akela Lacy, The Intercept 🔗

In case anyone thought those religious freedom laws were “only” about discriminating against LGBTQ folk, here’s a lovely organization that discriminates against anyone who isn’t Protestant. Guess Catholics aren’t Christian enough, let alone those Christ-killing Jews!

My favorite part?

A number of agencies do allow gay couples or Catholic families to foster, White said. “There is the ability to have an intelligent conversation, versus a ‘we’re right, you’re wrong’ — ’cause it is subtle. It’s very difficult. And I know the CEO of Miracle Hill. I know him well. And he is not a bigot. And that’s what makes this a human story.”

Ummm, discriminating based on religion makes a person a bigot. Maybe he’s pleasant to you, but he’s still a bigot.

Facebook will use data… 🔗

If you trust Facebook with a camera and microphone in your house, I’d love to have you at my table in a poker game.

Fb has become a parody of itself. 🙄

Abstract: Fixing Social Media’s Grand Bargain | Jack M. Balkin 🔗

But this essay also emphasizes a second approach: new fiduciary obligations that protect end-user privacy and counteract social media companies’ bad incentives.

Haven’t read the article, but looks interesting!

Humans Aren’t Really Toxic | Dave Winer 🔗

For fuck’s sake, Winer, do you really have to defend Lindsay Graham from accusations of male toxicity?!

Winer is so deep in his bubble of privilege, he can’t comprehend others have to deal with more shit. We play on easy mode, Dave. 😡

Well Then | Atrios 🔗

Gavin McInnes has set himself apart from the current crop of professionally outraged right-wing pundits, not only for being able to spout aggressive rhetoric, but also for being willing to get physical at times.

—@NYTMetro Oct 17, 2018

For Fuck’s Sake!

Lady Gaga pegged her powerful Women in Hollywood speech to her suit. She didn’t need to. | Rebecca Jennings, Vox 🔗

Nothing like one woman telling another that she’s doing feminism wrong.

Gaga: “In this suit, I felt like me today.”

Yes, she didn’t need to, she wanted to.

Facebook Lied, Careers Died | Scott Lemieux, LGM 🔗

Remember when one news organization after another fired people en masse to PIVOT TO VIDEO….Facebook just used bad data to massively inflate video viewership and then lied about it:

Such an ethical company!

This parody is from way back in 2011, but it’s still quite satisfying. 🔗

That’s why I would push for legislation that gives every American a revenge voucher and one you have this voucher, you would be allowed to kick anyone from Wall Street right in the balls.

Now that the UK is stockpiling food, maybe it’s time to admit Brexit is a mistake? | Dylan Matthews, Vox 🔗

And in spite of the fact that the country is having public discussions about the propriety of using the fucking air force to airdrop food to people, no one in power wants to stop this process!

You know, despite our country’s fucked up politics, the gov is not choosing to create a national food and medicine crisis (even though we do create those crises after hurricanes). I guess it’s good to know we can still clear that bar.

I hope no one was playing a “Pelosi” drinking game during Dave Brat’s debate performance. 🔗

I would have definitely died of alcohol poisoning.

Abigail Spanberger is amazing at the end of the video.

I’m proud to be a member of the generation that killed a condiment. 🔗

“We were founded as the Mayonnaise Products Manufacturers Association. … ”

And had to change your name to stay relevant. Okay, Association for Dressings and Sauces. I see how it is.

The NBA Now Feels Like the Future and the NFL the Past. But It Wasn’t Destined to Work Out That Way. | Will Leitch, NYMag. 🔗

I don’t think @ablaze would call this a small issue, but our discussion did make this article about how it is impossible to separate “identity politics” from our world today pop out to me.

Remember what Trump said to LeBron after the future Hall of Famer called him “U Bum?” Nothing. He said nothing. It’s much easier to bat around someone as weak and wishy-washy as Goodell. Goodell has essentially become Trump’s Jeb Bush.

Proportional representation could save America—Vox 🔗

But the bigger useful change is that under proportional House elections, third parties would win at least some of the seats.

This is the first argument for 3rd parties in the US that I think makes sense.