If China valued free speech, there would be no coronavirus crisis | Verna Yu, The Guardian 🔗

…links to Do You Hear the People Sing, a song popularised in recent Hong Kong protests, were quickly censored by police.

Les Mis having more of an impact than I ever would’ve imagined!

How They Win | Charles Bramesco, Input 🔗

The story of a really amazing marriage between old school craft and new school technology. 🎥

Horny Tortoise Retires After Prolific Sexual Career | Claire Lampen, The Cut 🔗

No particular reason this headline jumped out at me. 🐢🐢🐢

A Diverse America Votes To Uphold The Constitution; A Largely Male White America Votes To Abrogate It | Marcy Wheeler, emptywheel.net 🔗

The Democrats who voted in favor included 11 women, and 13 people of color or Latinx (Ted Lieu missed the vote recovering from a heart procedure). Several are immigrants. These Democrats voted to uphold the Constitution a bunch of white men, several of them owners of African-American slaves, wrote hundreds of years ago.

The Republicans who voted against were all white. Just two were women.

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//@gruber Nope, you didn’t read the headline wrong. Our journalists think they did a great job in 2016 and the WSJ editorial page is just a classier version of Fox News. 🤮

Ezra Klein Show: Because Internet. 🔗🎙

Gretchen McCulloch has a lot to say about language online. I wonder a lot of whether we need an impermanent social space online. 🤔

The blue wave crashed down on Pennsylvania again… | Julia Terruso, The Inquirer

Locally, Democrats will hold all five seats on the Delaware County Council, a Republican stronghold since the Civil War…

Emphasis mine.

What Emmett Till’s Bulletproof Memorial Says About Us | Zak Cheney-Rice, NYMag.com 🔗

The vandals’ motives remain obscure, but their conduct suggests a hostility toward Till’s memorialization — or at least a glib or disdainful attitude toward it — that reflects a broader American tendency.

Obscure? I think it’s ok to assume people who destroy memorials to lynching victims are racist. American journalisms’ stupidly high bar for attributing racist motives is racist itself. 😡🙄

Michael Bloomberg Is Still Reportedly Thinking About Running for President | Adam K. Raymond, New York Magazine 🔗

Yep, a former Republican who enthusiastically backed stop-and-frisk policies will do great in the Democratic Primaries.

Join the Cut for a Weekend Celebrating Female Filmmakers | Katie Berohn 🔗

Enter: FFFEST, Female Filmmakers Festival, founded by Passerbuys and Women & Film.

Heads up for folks who’ll be in NYC the last weekend in October (25 thru 27). 🗽📽

speaking of guns… | Greg Fallis 🔗

The first part, I mean. You know, the guy yelling in front of the mayor’s house and going on national radio and outlining a half-baked plan to murder folks in their sleep. That’s the part that actually happened. Except the guy was a Trump supporter, and the plan was to slaughter members of antifa. And it barely made the news at all.

“The veterans would use Route4Me to find the most expedient route to hunt down the most violent members of antifa in their beds at night until every one of them was gone and every city in America, if need be, in a single well-coordinated night.”

Oregon has a red flag law and they took away this guy’s guns, but still…

And I bet the NRA will throw a hissy fit about liberals “violating” his rights.

Who Won The Third Democratic Debate? | FiveThirtyEight 🔗

Slow and steady beats the Biden.

Trump demands members of US Congress be barred from entering Israel; Israeli government immediately complies | Paul Campos, Lawyers, Guns, & Money 🔗

One of his most impeachable actions: using the powers of his office to directly interfere with a co-equal branch.

The Unique Grief of Ending a BDSM Relationship | DaemonumX, Autostraddle 🔗

She wore it every single day until I asked for it back that hot summer night I left her house late…

This article may be a bit much for some folks, but taking back the physical symbol…yeah…oof.

How the Kleptocrats Bought Washington | Chris Ladd 🔗

So does this mean that Pelosi is a dirty politician? It is entirely unhelpful to think of systemic problems in terms of bad people and good people.

I hadn’t read about this real estate angle before. Should look into it more…

Michael Gove accuses EU of refusing to negotiate new deal | Peter Walker, The Guardian 🔗

They’ve only been saying since at least January. Guess the Tories listening late is better than never? 🙄

Neuroscientists decode brain speech signals into written text | Ian Sample, The Guardian 🔗

“Think of the possibilities for people with disabilities!” vs “Think of the possibilities for Facebook to read our minds!” ⚖️

Democrats Are Winning The Fundraising Race In The Senate | Nathaniel Rakich, 538 🔗

In competitive Senate elections… Democrats have raised $34.1 million in total contributions in the first six months of 2019, and Republicans have raised $29.3 million.


Irish Politics & Jewish Politics 🔗

People Of Color | Erik Loomis, Lawyers, Guns, & Money

One of the interesting transformations in recent decades is that of Irish-Americans becoming an increasingly hard-core right-wing group.

I’d like to see the data behind this. It makes me wonder what has kept American Jews relatively liberal. Now, we’re not the most enlightened demographic, but even as the Israeli government has cozied up to the GOP, we still provide reliable votes for Democrats.

If all we can do is witness, that is not nothing. 🔗

No matter how insignificant the thing you have to do, do it as well as you can, give it as much of your care and attention as you would give to the thing you regard as most important. For it will be by those small things that you shall be judged. -Mahatma Gandhi

Summer Vacation In An Age Of Concentration Camps, Part 1. | Charli Carpenter, _Lawyers, Guns, & Money

Why Bill de Blasio is so hated, explained | Emily Stewart 🔗

Stewart is trying way too hard here. Asian New Yorkers ain’t too infatuated with de Blasio either. And 70% of Black New Yorkers think he shouldn’t be running for President. Even the core of his base thinks he’s being an idiot.

New Yorkers might be just a touch arrogant about our city—de Blasio checking out for beers in Iowa is not a good look. And that’s not considering his transit plan is throwing money at a ferry for tourists while doing nothing for pedestrian safety.

Bloomberg sucked, but at least he rode the subway and appeared to want to be our mayor.

A white woman from Ohio asked Gillibrand about white privilege. Her answer was spot on. | Catherine Kim, Vox.com 🔗

Your suffering is just as important as a black or brown person’s suffering but to fix the problems that are happening in a black community you need far more transformational efforts that targeted for real racism that exists every day.

Gillibrand knocks it out of the park. I’m going to start using her answer when asked about privilege.

It’s Summer In NYC, And The Cockroaches Have Taken Flight, C Lampen | gothamist 🔗

Welcome to “the romantic season for cockroaches,” friends: When temps exceed about 90 degrees, cockroaches hit their stride.

Summer in the city “Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty”